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Replaces your desktop and delivers new features
Aston fully replaces standard Windows Desktop and delivers a host of new features. It`s nice and easy to work on a computer with Aston installed.

Aston does not require a powerful and expensive computer.

Aston replaces the standard Windows Desktop and provides you with a host of new features, such as Sidebars, clock, weather monitor, animated buttons, transparency effects and much more.

Aston also supports Themes, which allow you to change its appearance and functionality according to your mood and needs. No matter what visual style you like: XP, Aqua or something else; you can always download hundreds of Themes, created by professional designers or amateurs from Aston's homepage or one of numerous other skin sites.

Aston features a powerful and user friendly interface, which lets you change your new desktop's appearance and behavior in few seconds. No
need to learn complicated configuration files, everything can be configured in a simple graphical interface.

A great balance between performance and appearance allows you to launch Aston even on out of the date PCs or its enjoy many advanced features on more modern computers.

Aston is very stable and has a small memory footprint and low CPU usage, so you can free your processor time for other tasks.With Aston your system is much more stable. Small footprint in RAM and few processor resources yield higher performance.

Here are some key features of "Aston":

? Toolbars ((side panels on the left and right sides of the screen) give you easy access to the most needed documents, applications and web links.
? Multistate Taskbar buttons let you know exactly if a certain window is active or minimized, they also adapt to the width of the Taskbar and are thus easier to manage: no precious screen space is wasted.
? Aston Quick launch can be as small as a single button: easy access to your shortcuts without turning the Taskbar into a garbage dump.
? You can hide and restore System Tray icons with a single click or keystroke. This feature even works under Windows 98/Me/2K.
? Keep your Desktop clean: use the Panel plug-in to organize your files without turning the desktop into a dumping ground.
? Desktop icons can have any size, any form (thanks to alpha-blending) and can be animated as well. Get rid of regular limitations.
? Aston Disks and Trash Can let you visually monitor their fill states
? A built-in Hotkey Manager makes your work with Aston even more pleasant and effective.


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